Xtreme Universe

Xtreme Saga takes place in the Valorus Galaxy many years in the distant past. Valorus is a vibrant part of space, home to many thriving planets with a large number of sentient species. Every world is home to new friends and enemies with countless adventures and problems to solve. As our heroes travel throughout the galaxy, only time will tell what epic experiences they’ll encounter on their journey.

Xtreme Saga

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an evil empire known as the Cult of Ios scoured the planets for resources, spreading terror along the way. One unlucky world to suffer under their tyranny was the once peaceful planet, Rig. The people were too scared and inexperienced to fight. They stood by and did nothing as their people were kidnapped, enslaved, and even slaughtered. One day, the Cult of Ios kidnapped a young girl right in front of her sister, Mera. Mera would not stand by and do nothing. She vowed to fight.

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Want to know more about the adventures of Mera and her friends? Read the Xtreme Saga serialization. Follow along with the animated series for more insight into the world, characters, and plot of Xtreme Saga in written form.

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