Age: 16
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Special Abilities: Superhuman Hearing, Energy Blasts, Empathy

Just your average gamer, beating challenges and enjoying life until one day the Cult of Ios changed her life forever by kidnapping her younger sister. The pain caused by the loss of her only family awoke a long lost power. With her newfound abilities, Mera goes on to fight evil forces for the good of the universe and to save her sister.


Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 10"
Special Abilities: Super speed, Magical sword that can cut through anything

Legend says Xenia has defeated countless enemies on countless battlefields, but her ultimate goal is peace. When she transforms into her battle mode, she gains the power of super speed through her wings of light and activates her mythical sword. She first meets Mera in the desert and fights alongside her to defeat the Cult of Ios.


Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 10"
Special Abilities: Advanced Intelligence, Telekinesis

With her unfathomable level of intelligence, she can perceive all things in existence as data and observe the very flow and circulation of time itself. Through this heightened sense of perception she can solve any puzzle and even predict the future. She first meets Mera in an ancient temple and grants her the power of empathy after putting her intellect and her compassion to the test.


Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 6"
Special Abilities: Can communicate with all living things, Control of natural elements

Gaia is completely in tune with the natural world. Through her abilities, she can communicate directly with all living things and manipulate the elements. But she only uses her abilities to protect herself and others. She refuses to partake in direct acts of violence. She first meets Mera when she summons her to the divine realm and gives her the power of Mana.


Age: Unknown
Height: Can change its size at will
Weight: 3 tons
Special Abilities: Can change size at will, Can scan objects for information

An ancient machine that carries the wisdom of many cultures and civilizations. After lying dormant for hundreds of years, he was awoken when Mera’s cries of pain sent out a wave of mystical energy. He follows her wherever she goes as her loyal companion and mentor.