Mera first joined XPG in 2019 as XPG’s brand ambassador. With her passion for technology and creative endeavors, she thought working with XPG would be a great way for her to interact with fellow gamers and anime fans.

She has many talents including acting, content creation, and modeling. But her favorite pastime is gaming. Mera loves XPG products so much that she even lets us put her face on our packaging. You can find Mera at all our events and two of Mera’s biggest projects, Ask Mera Anything, and XPG’s fictional animated series, XTREME SAGA.

She’s stars in both. In Ask Mera Anything, Mera likes to talk about new or upcoming products and services from XPG. In Xtreme Saga, Mera travels through space fighting against evil in order to save the Valorus Galaxy. It’s a sci-fi adventure you don’t want to miss.